At a very young age, I showed great admiration for music and particularly rap.

I grow up listening to rappers like, 2pac, B.I.G and Lil Wayne. This passion was greatly fueled as i got myself engaged in school talent competitions, rap battles and musical showcases. Thou i wasn’t victorious in all, i always stood out! My dream was to play soccer, before the music. My late teens were characterized by travelling, reading, writing, Playing FootBall/Soccer and discovery. As a student of the game i used my various trips abroad to immerse myself with nature and get connected with my inner self. Something traumatic happened to me back in 2014 , I was locked up and spent considerable amount of time in prison; During this gruesome period` while i was locked up, writing and rapping music became my savior and i dedicated all my time and resources available in prison to master and craft my art. which eventually change the course of my life forever. Time past and i was eventually set free. Considerably shaken by the experience, i decided to fully dive into music fully as a career.

This gave birth to “My “Own Records” Label, (Hook Money Gang) H.M.G . Hook Money Gang Is not only a music record label but it’s a movement and subsequently a way of life!


The album MARRIED TO THE GAME (#M2TG) is a musical masterpiece put together by Cameroon’s lone trap/hip hop artist, Claude Doe under BRAAH RECORDS / HOOK MONEY (HMG). The album is set to be released May 11th 2019 on every major platform worldwide. It will be available for streaming, purchasing as well as listening.

The album is carefully designed to meet the local and international appeal, here, there a variety of genres, songs and fusion of melodies to create a perfect blend of cultural diffusion and musical re integration. This work of art featured some of the best musical traits the world has to offer. From artists on board, producers, mixers and engineers.

Some of the artists on the album include: Urban, Crispy, Lex Merton, Yung Time, Mimshark, Mondo, Mina, Franky Ice, Hola Hiro And Hausa Boy.

Producers off the album also include the likes of : Sango Edi, Blu Beat, Mr. Lee, T Maa Nation, Boy Karl, Vincinho, Genius, Payne and Brino Man

The album provides a unique listening experience as every song was critically and carefully tailored to accommodate the wide fan base that listens to Claude Doe’s sound and pattern. In this ever changing time of Cameroon’s musical evolutionary process, it is undeniable that the “MARRIED TO THE GAME ALBUM” stands a chance at standing the test of time and best Album.

Each song on this album, paints a vivid image of Claude Doe’s life, story, trials and triumph. This album is a story synonymous to hope, belief, struggle and overcoming the odds. The main theme of this album is to continuously inspire, no matter the situation or circumstance. Claude Doe pens his truth and shares his earthly adventures on this amazing work of art.

The albums consist of 15 tracks in general for amazing listening pleasure for all the fans that have supported the journey so far. The language of choice on this album was primarily pidgin-English. However, due to the unique nature of the album, there were other languages spoken to accommodate the wide audience and the existing fan base. These other languages include; French, Mboko, the dialect or in African parlance ‘contri tok’ and English Language.